BEWARE! Wire Fraud in Real Estate Transactions is on the Rise!


We take our affiliate business relationships seriously and are happy to partner with Oakwood Escrow as our preferred escrow office. We share a mutual interest in protecting our clients as a top priority!

Read this story and please take proper precautions in your real estate transactions. If you need help or advice we are always available to answer your questions!


Oakwood Escrow along with two local real estate agents, a local Title Company, a local buyer and a local seller were all a part of a recent WIRE FRAUD attempt.
* The BUYER sent his $300,000 to the INTERNET THIEF’S account thinking he was sending it to OAKWOOD.
* OAKWOOD practices DAILY 3 WAY RECONCILIATIONS on all trust accounts.  Oakwood does this to make sure the money our clients trust us with is SAFE.
* Because of this practice OAKWOOD caught the FRAUD within hours.
* OAKWOOD has a very intense security protocol and an EMERGENCY CALL TREE that immediately was put into action.
* Because of the quick action of all parties involved we were able to FREEZE the account of the INTERNET THIEF and we were able to get ALL MONEY RETURNED!
* The property was recorded and the buyer was handed their keys!
* The seller received his proceeds and both agents were paid their commissions!
* Oakwood encourages you to KNOW who you are doing business with. 
*  Make sure the people you use for settlement services are as secure as a bank and have the policies and procedures in place to stop and or correct these type of problems when they occur. 
* Oakwood is PROUD to report this incident.  We are PROUD that we protected our clients and we are PROUD to bring this matter to the attention of the community we serve.  
 WIRE FRAUD is on the rise.  The FBI is reporting that there is1 case a day in Southern California of Wire Fraud! 
 There have been many Escrow Companies hit just within the last 6 months in San Diego, unfortunately for many of them they were not able to recover the money.  KNOW WHO YOU ARE DOING BUSINESS WITH, it makes a difference.