Winter is in the rear view mirror and spring is just around the corner as daylight savings time begins this Sunday! (Don’t forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour!) This is also a great time to perform a home checkup and repair any minor maintenance items that may have gone unnoticed through the winter months.

Here is a handy list of things to look for as you are making your way around the house!


  • Check all your door and window screens for proper attachment and patch or replace if any holes are found. You don’t want to provide any easy access to unwanted critters!
  • Check the outside of house for any cracked or peeled paint. Caulk and repaint if necessary. You want your home looking great for those upcoming outdoor barbeques.
  • Check all weather stripping and caulking around the windows and doors, especially if you have air conditioning. You want to maximize energy efficiency and keep the electric bill as low as possible as the weather heats up!


  • Check seals on refrigerator and freezer, clean refrigerator coils, clean burner surfaces, adjust burners.
  • Check and clean dryer vent, stove hood, and room fans. Your appliances and fans will be getting a work out as the temperatures rise and you entertain more guests!
  • Clean fireplace and leave damper open for improved ventilation if home is not air conditioned. You won’t need this for a while so might as well give it a good cleaning!
  • Check for leaky faucets, check attic for proper ventilation, open vents.
  • Clean drapes and blinds, repair as needed.
  • Replace air conditioning filters. You will want this unit operating at peak efficiency during the warmer months and a new filter is step number one!